Spirare for Violin, Clarinet in Bb, and Violoncello (2018)

Arrangement for Violin, Viola, and Violoncello (July 2023) 6’

Duration: 6’

Written for Copland House's CULTIVATE 2018
Premiered by the Music from Copland House ensemble at the Merestead estate in Mount Kisco, NY on June 10, 2018.

​Program Notes:​​
Since composing the opening of Spirare, which features several techniques that emulate air, I have associated the piece with breathing and an attempt to achieve a state of tranquility. Active textures persist for most of the piece until the ending, where the active textures, now more subdued, accompany the clarinet as it slowly alternates between two multiphonics, like slow, meditative breaths.

Spirare, performed by Music from Copland House ensemble:

​Pala Garcia (violin), Carol McGonnell (clarinet), and Alexis Pia Gerlach (violoncello)

Spirare, performed by Earspace:

Molly Germer (violin), Andy Hudson (clarinet), Erin Snedecor (violoncello)

April 29, 2019, Thomas G. Crowder Woodland Center, Raleigh, NC